jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011


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Einer dijo...

¿De dónde es esta revista? Las portadas son chulísimas.

yosónico dijo...

A ver, pitxurri mio, te pongo toda la info:

Milena and Vlada, the duo behind Yugodrom—a new blog focused on "graphic aesthetics from ex Yugoslavia"—have been unearthing gems from seventies and eighties issues of the science magazine Galaksija.

They wrote to me suggesting that the "surrealistic, sci-fi-sh, serigraphic and absolutely amazing" illustrations of Nikolai Lutohin would be suitable for 50 Watts, and I am inclined to agree. The Russian artist Lutohin was born in Yugoslavia and did many illustrations for Galaksija. I've included ten below.

I also love the magazine's covers and for this post selected a handful from the 136 covers in Yugodrom's flickr set. See more of my favorite covers in a companion post on But Does it Float.

La verdad no lo había leído bien hasta ahora XD A ver kien es el Nikolai ese.